The Kanji “道” (“Michi”) means path. In old days, Japanese people sought spirituality and philosophy in ordinary things they did. Viewing the path or process for mastering them as “道”, they incorporated the kanji in naming a variety of paths: “茶道” (tea ceremony), “華道” (flower arrangement), “香道” (incense burning), “武道” (martial arts), “衣紋道” (dressing arts), etc. In the tea ceremony, for example, we pay attention to each of their own actions that lead to tea-drinking. Doing so turns tea-drinking into something special for the drinker as well as the server.

Learning the “道” starts with imitating models that have been formed over the years. Practicing through the imitation is a traditional Japanese way of learning spirituality and philosophy underlying the models.

The “道” (“Michi”) Program at Aichi Bunkyo University offers opportunities to learn the Japanese spirituality and philosophy through lectures and the actual imitation of models. No other places cover a wide variety of Japanese cultures ranging from traditional ones to contemporary pop cultures.

You will be on the “道” for learning the authentic Japanese cultures.

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In <Michi> program at Aichi Bunkyo University, you can learn heart of Japan by using body through two kinds of program, which are experiences and lectures. This program offers an uncommon opportunity to learn everything from traditional culture and pop culture. As you learn Japanese culture with your body, you will surely see “Michi” to know heart of Japan.


satisfy intellectual curiosity through lectures


feel 【spirit】by accumulating experiences through practical skills


know 【spirit】of Japan through physical experiences


Jul.16,2018 〜 Aug.12,2018

Entry qualification & Selection method

【Entry qualification】

  • University students who are native English speakers
  • Have strong interest in Japanese language and Japanese culture

【Selection method】

  • Selected by Personal Statement (designated by our university)

US$ 2,000

This amount includes the following expenses.

  • Tuition Fee
  • Housing Expenses (Dormitory on the Campus)
  • Participation fee for Off Campus Experience of Lectures
  • Handling Charge/ Service Charge


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